Unlike other casinos which either categorize their players as "VIP" or "Non VIP", we at This Is Vegas feel that all of our players are important, and thus want to award them accordingly.

We have developed a system in which players gain increasing levels of PRESTIGE at the casino and "UNLOCK" special casino features as early as their first deposit! As a player continues to deposit at the casino the Features they can unlock become increasingly fantastic and existing perks even get upgraded!

Please see below for a basic list of PRESTIGE levels as well as some of the features that can be unlocked/upgraded.

VIP Club Experience

VIP Club Level Unlimited Bonus % New Game Bonus Free Fridays Daily Bonus % Weekly Cashback % Comp Points
100% $100 $100 100% 50% 5 to 1
Credit Card
40% $125 $25 100% 25% 2 to 1
20% $5 $5 100% 10% 1 to 1


Make your first deposit today to earn automatic membership into the Prestige VIP Club.